All About Lane Kim, Rory's Best Friend!

Lane Kim is Rory's best friend in Stars Hollow. Before Rory transferred to Chilton, she and Lane were straight-A students at Stars Hollow High. Lane's parents are very strict Koreans and insist that Lane go out with only future doctors.

Lane has gone on a hayride with a future doctor. She went to the Stars Hollow Festival with another one, and his entire family as well.

Lane also has a rebellious side and listens to all kinds of music. In one episode, she and Rory listen to a CD by Claudine Blogette. Later, Lorelai asks, "The chick who shot the skiier?"

Not really, but it was a good question.

Lane is a good friend to Rory, and she can be fun and silly sometimes.

Fellow watchers of the show will know that Lane is not always satisfied with her many dates with doctors. In fact, she asks Lorelai, "Can you run over me on your way out? Maybe my mom wouldn't let me go if I was in the hospital."

To which Lorelai honestly replies, "I don't think so."

In the episode "The Breakup, Part 2" Lane meets Henry. He is Korean and is going to be a pediatrician. To her utter shock, Lane likes him. As she explains to Rory, "This is so weird! I like a guy that my parents would approve of!"

And the feeling is mutual.

Above: Lane dancing with Henry.
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